About Subby Clothing: Mission & Products

About Subby clothing

Welcome to Subby, your ultimate destination for premium sporting gear in the UK. At Subby, our mission is clear - to offer top-quality materials and products that meet the diverse needs of the UK sporting community. We believe that high-quality gear should be accessible to everyone, ensuring both excellence and functionality.

As the UK's foremost provider of dry change robes, Subby has been a game-changer in keeping sports enthusiasts warm and dry in the harshest weather conditions. Our weather-proof dry change jackets have become a staple for hundreds of athletes and fans, delivering unparalleled comfort and protection. Constantly evolving, our products now incorporate recycled, sustainable materials that outshine our competitors in both quality and eco-friendliness.

Subby has earned the trust of numerous sports teams and fans across the UK. Our jackets are the go-to choice for both managers and players, serving as reliable substitutes even in the most challenging conditions. We take pride in offering discounts to various sporting clubs, including rugby, football, and their loyal supporters.

Designed to keep you warm and dry, Subby's outdoor jackets are as functional as they are stylish. With features like double-stitched heat-sealed seams, a weatherproof outer layer, and a shed-free fleece liner, our jackets ensure both comfort and durability. The spacious design allows for easy and private changing, making them perfect for chilly summer nights camping or socialising with friends.

When you choose a Subby jacket, you're getting the real deal. While there may be other options out there, none can match the quality and affordability of Subby. Our jackets are expertly crafted to repel water and wind effectively, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable no matter the weather. Don't just take our word for it - try the Subby difference and experience premium sporting gear like never before.